What is a good inexpensive present to buy for multiple people?

Christmas is coming up and I don't really have a lot of money, but still want to buy my friends a little something. Any good suggestions on something not too costly with maybe enough flexibility to make it personalized for each person?
Asked Dec 02, 2011
What about....... Something that yo made with your own hands or you heart.... OR TOGETHER! Like a card or something! Or somethign origami that he/she likes or maybe a poem or a song about them! At least you wont have to BUY!!
Well we bought some chocolate fingers!
Answered Dec 02, 2011
you could buy different scented lotions or fragerences at bath and body works. hope I helped:)
Answered Dec 03, 2011
I knew someone who made bath salts around that time of year. Very inexpensive, but ooooooh so nice to receive. You could make those, and maybe an oatmeal mask... things along that line. You could give your friends homemade, natural "spa" items like that.
Answered Dec 03, 2011
ps. unless their boys:)lol
Boys have skin and take baths, too! lol

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