I keep dreaming of an exboyfriend from 15 yrs ago.

I frequently dream of an exboyfriend. from many years back. In my dream I am usually the pursuier of our meeting but my intentions are never more. His however usually are and I keep trying to convince him im happily married and that my husband will be mad at me if we were to take it anyfurther. My husband never apears but I am very much aware of him in my dream.
Asked Nov 29, 2011
Well if you keep getting many consider seeing a doctor but try hugging your husband befor you go to sleep
Answered Nov 29, 2011
Dreams are just random thoughts. I've never seen an iota of evidence that they are anyway related to anything in your life today or in the future. Dreams about sex might be an indication of a biological urge but the answer to that isn't to worry about the dream. :-)
Answered Nov 29, 2011

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