Am I in the Friendzone if the girl wants to make out?

First of all, I'm a lesbian and the girl is straight!
I have this female friend and when we're hanging out she's always nice and cute but acts like I'm her older brother. But when she's drunk she always wants to make out but NOT have sex.

So I'm wondering? Is it still friendzone? does she have a secret crush on me or is there something in between?

Asked Nov 28, 2011
What's missing here is communication. Two people who "make out" with each other should be able to talk about what's going on between them. And they should do that before one of them get's emotionally locked in to a relationship that isn't going anywhere. Girls that are "straight" don't make out with other girls. She may just be curious or she may not be willing to admit to herself how she feels. Before this goes any further, the two of you need to have a sober talk about it.
Answered Nov 28, 2011
dont forget that wen she does it shes drunk. has she ever done it sober
You're in the twilight zone. This is really messed up. Ask yourself why you would even want to make out with a drunk person who can't be with you sober. It doesn't sound like you're on the relationship track.

I totally agree with Rob. You guys really need to talk sober before anything else happens.

Also, as for making out with and hoping for more with a "straight" girl, see:
Answered Nov 28, 2011
Sounds like you fancy Dr Jekyll, but end up snogging Mr Hyde.
As said, boozed up never shows real feelings.
Answered Nov 29, 2011
Edited Nov 29, 2011

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