How to hack a pinger textfree account

i wanna know if my bf is cheatin on me and he has a textfree account and I know his email for it but I just need help with his password any suggestions
btw u can go online and text and thats where im hackin from so tats y dis is under computer
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Asked Nov 23, 2011
a relaitionship is based on trust mostly. it sounds like u dont trust ur bf that much. if u have to hack his phone to get trust,sorry but this isnt gonna work out. and also, there r countless posible paswords.
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If you are trying to hack his phone, and he IS cheating on you, then you may be as bad as each other, and the lack of trust is the MAIN cause of a bad relationship.
Answered Nov 24, 2011
My guess would be to try: "ShesInsecure."

Just curious, how could he cheat on you via email?
Answered Nov 24, 2011
I could report you to the police
Answered Nov 26, 2011
shouldnt be that hard.
get access to hit email acc connected to pinger.
say forgot password and its gonna send it there.
do it from ur own phone tho not his lol
Answered Oct 26, 2012
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Answered Nov 21, 2015
I trusted my wife who I was married to for over 10years until one day when her phone was ringing and she hastily ran up to the phone to pick it before I could even take it to hand it over to her, and immediately she picked it she walked out of the room...i was suspicious of this act and I decided to tell my best friend who then advised me to contact who he had used a few times in the past for similar jobs. So I emailed globalview.hacker and asked him to hack into my wife's phone so I could monitor her calls, text messages, social platforms and all. And he did, even faster than I expected and unfortunately for me, my beloved wife whom I trusted was cheating on me with my neighbor, a man she told me she hated. So trust no one and find out the truth about your spouse, you could contact if you want.
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Answered 18 hours ago

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