Theres a girl I like.

I like her and she knows but everytime I start to get close to her, her friends come and tell me to stay away from her and then we go back to normal for a while. Later when I talk to her again it happens. I dont know why but she also likes to mess with me and see my reaction. I dont know how to feel but I just cant go a day without smiling and saying hi, I even signed up to volunteer at the same time as her so we could talk without hher friends there... That seems to be when we really hang out and connect...IDK, she makes me sick to my stomach yet I cant wait to see her... Please help ):
Asked Nov 19, 2011
Her friends are either incredibly protective of her (sweet, but annoying) or incredibly possessive of her (creepy)...If she likes to mess with your head maybe it's something to do with her friends. Ask her straight out if she likes you and if she plays any more mind games do whatever you can to get over her...she doesn't sound like the type of girl you want to be with. but if she truly likes you and it's her friends holding her back, then maybe convince her to find new friends, or subtly introduce her to new people
Answered Nov 21, 2011
i agree. also her friends may just not like u either. my friends gf brokeup with him cause her friends said mine was cheating which is a coplete lie. hope it works out

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