My best friend was flirting with my crush?! Help please!

Ok so, today at recess my friend, ohh lets call her Eileen, saw my friend ummmm Racheal hugging my crush. Eileen told me and I got sooo mad!! So Eileen went up to Racheal and was like, "Racheal why were you hugging (my crush's name)?" and then Racheal was like "he always gives me highfives and is like Racheallllll when he sees me in the hallways and he always talks to me." She said all of that in front of me and she knows that I like him!!! and that made me suuuuuuuppppeeerrrrrr jealous and mad because he used to always do that to me and he doesn't do it all that much anymore. so I just sort of ignored that for a few minutes and then we saw him and he started saying Racheal racheal racheal!! and then of course he gave Racheal another stupid hug!!!!! and then he said hi to me and stuff and he hugged me (okay that probably made my life but thats not the point) and then after that when my crush started leaving for lunch Racheal screamed out to him that she loved him!!! I was like what the heck? Eileen and my other friend are getting really suspicious of Racheal lately because she's been you say...annoying especially today!!! she was super clingy to him and it was really getting on my nerves!! Am I being stupid about this? What should I do?
Asked Nov 14, 2011
well......ur not being stupid but u shood talk to him. if he dosent like u anymore then he probly wont like her long either. maby hell come bak to u. hopeit works out:)
Answered Nov 16, 2011
thx bobbyy lol ;)
ur welcome:)
ps.y do people call me bobby
i rly dont kno haha
Im going through something REALLY similar my friend Evie is trying to use my crush and trying to make him fall for her. she does this a lot. and IM SICKK of it!! Anyway, My situation is a little different Evie doesn't know about my crush so I can't tell her to please back off and kindly leave him alone. However, Rachel knows about you crush, you can have a mature chat with her and mention how you think that she is abusing your friendship and sabotaging your chances with your crush. If you think this is too difficult to do, then start doing all the things she is doing. Like hug him, call out for him, flirt and see what her reaction is. If she gets super annoyed you know that she is fighting for this guys and not caring about your friendship.
therefore, she is not a true friend :(
Answered Sep 27, 2012
im having the same problem one of my best friends sits near him in maths and she flirts and hugs him all the time !!
Answered Mar 31, 2013
Ive had a problem like this myself where I told my best friend I liked someone and she got together with him so I couldn't so I just told her I forgave her and he respected me more for not over reacting and now he doesn't even talk to her...and like they say keep your friends close and your enemys closer.
Answered May 27, 2013
Same thing my friend emily started dating brenden when we both liked him I was being nice and hooked them up then they broke up and hate eachothers guts and I talked to her and asked her if she would care I I dated him she told me but then warned me that he's no a good boyfriend but I really like him but is scared to ask him what if he says no!:(
Man, I know how you feel...anyways all you have to do is ignore the he** out of them and move on. was I of some help?
Answered May 28, 2013
U should tell her around lunch privately that u r honestly getting jealous abou her and
(ur crushes name). Then ask her if u can know wats goin on btween dem. If she is a good friend, she'll help u out:)
Answered Apr 03, 2014

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