Which is the best twitter app of 2012?

can anybody predict which is the best twitter app of 2012 - 2013. I saw prismtweets is the best since it can send color tweets ? any guess ?
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Asked Nov 14, 2011
i got this article from one of the web pages . please cjeck it out .....

Prismtweets : Best Twitter app 2012 – 2013. Top twitter client 2012 – 2013.

There are thousands of candidates for this position. Some are really huge in number of customers; some are huge in terms of offering same functionalities as twitter. Here I am trying to view a twitter app from a different angle to decide the best twitter app of 2012 – 2013

In my opinion we can duplicate same functionalities of twitter with a different GUI. Send a longer tweet by giving a url to a page. Do these things really need brain? May be the first entrants in each of these category may have taken the advantage of being first. Otherwise some of the apps from big companies also popular due to marketing strategy? Does this the criteria to decide a twitter app as the best one?

In the wake of above questions I was looking for some twitter app which has a unique feature that nobody didn’t provide yet. A unique feature which each of us was waiting for long time. I found prismTweets is one of such kind which could address many limitations of twitter.

Using prismTweets we can

1. Send colorful tweets
2. Send longer tweets
3. Send Formatted tweets
4. Send emoticons along with tweets
5. Send a full joke /funny incident in single tweet
6. View full tweet in twitter timeline.

I agree this twitter app is doing some technique to get all these features incorporated in a single tweet. Still it is the only one which stands out from the crowd. The spectacular feature of this app is , we can view full tweet in twitter timeline itself without visiting any website.

From this point of view I selected prismTweets as the best twitter app of 2012 – 2013. There is a chance that better apps will emerge as time passes still prismTweets has kept a milestone for inculcating so many features which was the limitations of twitter till now.

Answered Nov 14, 2011

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