Least to great 346, 3.46, 34.6

Can you order this number from least to greatest 346, 3.46, 34.6
Asked Nov 09, 2011

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What's on the right side of the decimal are only part of one unit (apples, boxes, whatever) You can ignore what's on the right side unless both numbers on the left side are the same. Example:

1) 20.5 apples would be 20 whole apples plus one cut in half.
2) 22.4 apples would be more.
3) 18.987654 would be less though it has a longer string of numbers.

What's on the left are whole apples, what's on the right are only part of one apple. The order from least to greatest of the example would be 3,1,2.

You can figure it out now, I'm sure. :-)
Answered Nov 09, 2011
Edited Nov 09, 2011

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