Boys Boys Boys!

Ok, so in high school and there are a lot of cute guys at my school. But I like a few guys and I know all of them. one from a friend and two are in my classes. The first one barely notices me and when he does, its because im with my friend who I met him from. the next one, im pretty close too. no seriously, I sit right next to him. and he is really funny and nice and teases me a lot and I feel........confusing vibes. and the last one went to my other school and he is in one of my classes. I see him looking at me and I look at him but I dont know if he is looking AT me or near me. I have boy problems I need solutions!
Asked Nov 08, 2011
well(being a boy)num.3 seems like he likes u but is to shy 2 do anything.tyr starting a convo with him. get to know him better number 1 probly doesnt like u much and 2 likes u.hope I helped.
ps. this is just my opinion.
Answered Nov 08, 2011
Hmmm , well , you deff have a dilemma on your hands . The first question , is which one do you like the most ? From what you tell me , then one that makes fun of you likes you the most out of all of the ones you described . But then again , I don't know them like you do . Figure that out first , then , flirt it up !
Answered Nov 18, 2011
basically what love ya said figure out who u like most go from there somtimes guys send mixed sigals. soooo I would be cautious about the one that makes fun of you.
Answered Jan 01, 2012
I. Maybe he does likes you and being shy. sometimes it easy to talk to people when close friends are there. Maybe he doesn't like you at all and just being nice because this friend is there.

II. Sounds like he likes you or really digs you as a friend.

III. If he is looking at you, well he might be really shy. He isn't sure how to approach you at all. If I were you, I would walk up to him and talk. See where it goes, you never know.
Answered Jan 02, 2012
Number Three Seems To Have Like A Little Crushh On You . Talkk To Him , Buhh Be Careful With The One Who MakeS Fun Of You , He May Like You , But You Know How Guyss Are . They Sometimes Mixx You Up .
Answered Apr 14, 2012

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