Need help with an essay. Please, please, please!

It's an independent research paper we had to do on government. It's on stuff we haven't really learned yet so i'm a bit confused. Does anyone know where I can get info on this stuff?

\This Essay is to examime, analyze and contrast the Modern Presidency or Executive Branch with other nations. The objective of the paper is to illuminate and assess wheather the presidency (and thus government) is adhering to the democratic principles and theory framed by the Founding Fathers. In addition, contrasting the U.S Presidency with other nations will help the student identify the constitutional principles and structures that create the unique American executive branch.

Recommended points to (should) be included are:
1)Describe the theory and structure of the institution by providing a brief background in the development of the presidency, emphasizing the Modern Presidency
a)which was the Founders vision for the defining the office and power of the presidency?
b)which branch of government is supposed to be superior among co-equal?
c) How did the presidency fit into the founders equation for limited government?

2) Assess the evolution of the presidency and determine by providing supporting evidence and example wheather the institution has upheld or diverged from its democratic ideals
a) Has the power or informal powers/roles of the modern presidency increase or decrease verse the Congress? Briefly describe the reason and give at least 2 examples
b)If the power of the presidency has increase or decrease in comparison with the congress; what are the implications for the Seperation-of-Powers Doctrine and check and balances?
c) is it still democratic according to the founders vision

3) contrast the American Presidency with other heads of government
a) please provide at least 2 examples for other nations

Please give me some links or something. I just can't find any good sources. And please, if you can't help me, don't answer. This is eHELP not e-let me lead you into another dead end.
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Doing a research paper means you have to do some research. Your outline above is very specific and the Constitution is a fairly short document. Read it. You will see how the Federal government is organized. What powers each branch has and does not have. Then compare that to the way modern administrations enforce the law. Does the government have the power to make people buy health insurance? Does the Constitution prohibit soldiers from saying prayers? Can states pass laws to control people entering the country without the proper documentation? Does the Constitution require that we give the same legal rights to foreigners accused of terrorism the we give to our citizens? Do the words written in the commerce clause allow the Federal government to control marijuana production in California?

There are many examples and many arguments for different sides of these issues on the Internet. Research is about digging for answers. Get out your shovel.

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Talk to your school librarian for help finding resources. That's why they're there.
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