When dining with two or more women, should I move chairs for each of them?

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Asked Nov 07, 2011
yeah because if u only do it for one the other will think u like the other better
Answered Nov 07, 2011
In my opinion... In a business situation, no. If they are all relatives, just do it for generations older than your own.

Dr. Manners says:

It's tricky because some women don't like it, and others think a man is a barbarian if he doesn't. It's helpful if you know the ladies well enough to know their preferences. I prefer that my husband not pull out my chair because he's usually more tired than I am in the evenings and I feel like I should be pulling out a cot for him instead.
Answered Nov 07, 2011
i agree with skydancer
Don't do it for the girl you like, if she doesn't like chivalry, she'll like the idea you see her independently, if she does like it, she'll wonder all night why you didn't do it for her, and probably get jealous.
Answered Dec 08, 2012

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