Can ehelp remove people who consistently give harmful or useless answers?

For example ipoopglitter. I know I have asked questions when I felt like I was vulnerable and in crisis, and I see other people do too. Getting stupid answers about unicorns and random hippo rape is useless at best, and could make people feel like no one really gives a flip about them and tip them over the edge at worst. This can be harmful. Seriously--can someone take him/her out? And others likewise? This isn't amusing. It's pathetic to see that's how people get their kicks on.
Asked Nov 02, 2011
All of the posts you describe were categorized as abusive and were removed over the past couple of days. There is sometimes a time delay but posts that violate the rules are removed. The user can also be blocked from the site if they don't get the message. To my knowledge, only one answer from that user remains on the site.
Answered Nov 03, 2011
Edited Nov 03, 2011
I always just send them an email that says what's going on and they will normally remove the user.
Answered Nov 02, 2011

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