I need help setting up 3 Simplex Method

I need help setting up 3 Simplex Method word problems. #1 The political pollster Canter is preparing for a national election. It would like to poll at least 1500 Democrats, and 1500 Republicans. Each mailing to the East Coast gets responses from 100 Democrats and 50 Republicans. Each mailing to the Midwest gets responses from 100 Democrats and 100 Republicans. Each mailing to the West Coast gets responses from 50 Democrats and 100 republicans. Mailings to the East Coast cost $40 each to produce and mail. Mailings to the West Coast cost $60 each and mailings to the West Coast cost $50 each. How many mailings should Canter send to each area of the country to get the responses it needs at the least possible cost? What will it cost? #2. We return to your exploits coordinating distribution for the Tubular Ride Boogie Board Company. You will recall that the company has manufacturing plants in Tucson, Arizona and Toronto, Ontario and you have been given the job of coordinating distribution of their latest model, the Gladiator, to their outlets in Honolulu and Venice Beach. The Tucson Plant can manufacture up to 620 boards per week and the Toronto Plant can manufacture no more than 410 Gladiator boards per week. The outlet in Honolulu orders 500 Gladiator boards per week, while Venice Beach orders 530 boards per week. Transportation costs are: Tucson to Honolulu: $10 board, Tucson to Venice Beach: $5 board, Toronto to Honolulu: $20 board, and Toronto to Venice Beach: $10 board. Your manager has said that you are to be sure to fill all orders and ship the boogie boards at a minimum total transportation cost. How will you do it? #3. Because Joe Slim's brother was recently elected to the State Senate, Joe's Financial advisement concern, Inside Information Inc. has been doing a booming trade. Slim charges $5000.00 per hour for private citizens, $50,000 per hour for corporate executives and $10000 per hour for presidents of universities. He can spend no more than 40 hours per week in consultation. He feels it would be best if he devotes at least 10 hours of consultation each week to university presidents, however he would like to spend no more than half his consultation time with University presidents. He wishes to offer at least 2 more hours of his time each week to private citizens than to corporate executives and university presidents combined. Given these restrictions, how many hours each week should he spend with each type of client in order to maximize his income?

All I need is the equations for each problem.

I need the equations that go to my problems, not the Simplex directions. Do you know how to find the equations? I finally figured out the first problem about the pollster but I still don't know the other 2. Thanks.
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Asked Oct 31, 2011
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