Why are angry birds so populer

i mesn come on. they arnt THAT fun r they?
Asked Oct 28, 2011
Sometimes the simplest games and concepts are the most popular. I think that's the case with Angry Birds. It's a very simple game - even a 5 year old could play it. But yet the simplicity makes it huge. It's also endless. So once you're hooked, you have more and more to look forward to. Take notes if you plan to be an inventor someday. The best products are:

1. simple (anyone can enjoy it)
2. inexpensive (the game downloads are cheaper than a value meal)
3. continuous (customers feel impelled to go to the next level or buy merchandise)
Answered Jan 17, 2012
ok. thanx. its kinda like silly bandz. simple concept. cheap. keep making more. my science teacher(hes a genius. thats not just my opinion either) says he gets so frustrated with it. his seven Y.O son got everything and he cant get past like the twentyith level! LOL!
ps. luv the profile pic.:~)
A lot of what's popular depends on how much it's promoted. If the promotions can make you believe you're having fun, then it gets popular. Sometimes people will do things under the guise of having fun that they wouldn't do seriously if they were being paid to do it. Look at mud wrestling. :-)
Answered Oct 29, 2011
The birds are generally calm but people remember if they have any experience with angry birds. http://www.eaexoticsafaris.com/5-days-classic-kenya-safari
Answered Dec 16, 2015

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