Is It Ok To Tell Someone You Like Them Via Facebook Chat?

I like this guy who is roughly the same age as me. We do sport together once a week but have barely ever talked. Yesterday I found him on Facebook. I didn't friend him Because that would be weird.

I was thinking about the benefits of friending him and telling him straight up that I like him all in one go. Over FB Chat.

It this ok or completely insane? :P

Asked Oct 28, 2011
i think that maybe thats not such a good idea. you should get to know him more and talk to him because you may just find out that you dont like him all that much anymore.
Answered Oct 28, 2011
i agree with smiley
my best friend has her ex boyfriend ask her that way you should tell
Answered Oct 31, 2011
Personally, I think that telling him in person would be the best method for certain reasons. It shows him that you're not afraid, that you're willing to take anything he throws at you, whether it's turning you down or approving. It also gives off a good impression.

I know that this may be over exaggerating, but compare it to asking to marry someone. You'd want to do it in person right? Doing this in person, will toughen you up a bit, and teach you a lil something for future problems or anything like that. I know I wouldn't like it as much if I had a girl tell me that she likes me online. Good luck (:
Answered Nov 01, 2011

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