Can you get pregnant 5 days before your period and then have a full heavy period or did you get preg

I had sex when I was ovulating which was 5 to 6 days b4 my period but can I still b prego? Even if I started spotting and then bled more but it wasn't dark it was a light color and I was cramping but not normal period cramps they started in the middle of my stomach and shot straight down and my boobs have gotta bigger and I crave stuff badly and get really moody easily... PLEASE HELP!! FYI I want to be pregnant just can't wait to test...
Asked Oct 20, 2011
Re. "can't wait to test," there's nothing anybody here can tell you that's more accurate than a pregnancy test. The information at the link below has all of the information a sexually active person should know about pregnancy. Calm down and read it.
Answered Oct 20, 2011
I need more infor then a just a link.... and i'm waiting cuz its tooo soon to take a pregnancy test cuz if I am pregnant i'm barely a week.
True, you may have to wait for the test but nobody here can tell if you're pregnant or not. "More than just a link" sounds like you're looking for magic, not information. Unwanted pregnancies are the result of lack of information about about birth control. Maybe you should read everything on that site while you're waiting to take the test?
Rob Oct 20, 2011
I'm a little confused by what you wrote. You said, "and then have a full heavy period..." and then, "5 to 6 days b4 my period..." which makes it sound like you're having your period. If that's the case, then the chances of you being pregnant seem slim to none.

FYI, sometimes cramps just feel different. I have serious cravings during my period and those around me might say that I get moody, although I'll vigorously deny that. Breast tenderness during and before a period is typical. There's no way for us to know if your symptoms are due to your menstrual cycle or pregnancy related.

I think the soonest indicator is a blood test at your doctor's office. Call your doctor's office and ask to discuss this with a nurse. Try to be patient if they just tell you to wait and take a home test.
Answered Oct 20, 2011
Edited Oct 20, 2011

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