Does anyone know if there is a florida law or grace period on used tires. Someone told me 14 days

But I don't know where to look to find this statue. I purchased 4 used tires from this business and within 10 day I had 1 just go complete flat and come of the rim, and the other the wire bars came out, he send one tire up here on my rim that is totally the wrong size tire. my vehicle take 235/75/15 and the tire he send up on my rim was a 2205/75/15. I took pictures of the rest of the tires and they are all in bad shape, i'm a recent widow so I was as the mercy of this shop and you know what was bad this shop knew my husband and this is what they do to people...I want to know what I can do to them. If I know that that is a law I will def. take them to small claims court and not have a problem with getting my money back...I have taken pictures of all the tires and the bill of sale...And all all help would be appreciated..Thank you so much...
Asked Oct 19, 2011
I don't understand what you mean by "grace period?"

You can file a lawsuit in small claims court for what you paid for the tires plus any additional monetary damages you suffered.

Auto manufacturers recommend not putting used tires on a vehicle at all and never using tires over six years old. A tire will have an identification number on the sidewall that begins with the letters DOT. The last four digits represent the week and year the tire was manufactured. For example, "DOT ANVF F771 1909," indicates that the tire was manufactured in the 19th week of 2009.

You might have a police officer look at them to use for evidence in civil court. If they sold you something that is illegal to operate on the road, then the tires are not fit for the intended purpose. Under Florida 316.610, a police officer may stop a vehicle that appears to be unsafe for any reason and do an inspection. If he/she deems the vehicle to be an immediate hazard, the vehicle can be removed from the road until the repair is made. If not, a citation will be issued and typically the court will require the repair as part of the adjudication.

Answered Oct 19, 2011
Thank u very much for the information It Just appauls me to think we have people out in this world today that take advantage of the people in condiitions like this. But in the end they will get theres cause I'm not one to let them them get away with it. where alot of people would . But I don't have the money to just throw away. If you are interested send me your emmmmmail and I will sent you a copy of the pictures. Also I am going to call a officer out here today and ask him to write a statement to go with my paperwork and attchech it to the paperwork. Again thankyou for you information...

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