Should I give up on me and my bestfriend ever having a relationship together?

okaiie . soo I am bi . and I really lik my bestfriend . maybe lik 2 or 3 weeks ago I told her she was really pretty nnd I had strong feelings for her . she told me she likd me bckk . I was really happy :) . then she told me she ddnt knoee if she wanted to be bi bcause of wat she knoee bout god and stuff . soo im lik okaiie . I really wanna be with her sooo bad ! lik one day in gym me and her were in the locker room alone and she was in dha mirror doin her hair . soo I cum behind her and put my arms around her waist and my chin on her shoulder then I kisd her on the cheek . after I did all that she smiles :) for the rest of the day it was very normal. then that night she txt me nnd she sed she likd everything I did nnd wishd I did more :) lol .

but getting to the question . I jst dont think we will ever get the chance to date . but the way she acts towards me makes me think we will .

wat should I do ???
plzzz comment !
Asked Oct 16, 2011
Don't feel like you need to do anything. Relationships develop one day at a time. Just learn from the time you spend with your friend and see what happens. As both of you get older you will either grow closer or farther apart. That will give you a clear understanding of the question you are asking now. All of us wonder what the future holds but only time knows the answer and she's not talking. :-)

Answered Oct 16, 2011
ik . but whyy does she keep flirtin wit me if she knoee she will never be bi bcause of wat she knoee about god nnd stuff ?
She has a logical mind and an emotional mind. They sometimes conflict.

A relationship takes two consenting people, it's not just about what you want. It takes time for many people to figure out who they are and where they fit in. If you really care about her, chill out and give her enough time to do that.
Rob Oct 16, 2011
okaiie thnks . soo shuld I jst act lik I usually act towards her ?
That's what I would advise. It sometimes takes time to figure out who you really are. As she grows older, she will become more and more aware of that and so will you. The only way you can mess it up is by rushing into something the two of you aren't ready for. When the time comes, she will have figured it out and there will be no doubt.
Rob Nov 05, 2011
you can't change the way other people think but even so, just let thinks continue from where they are now. she will make her own desicions about her life and she will choose the type of relationship she wants with you. don't try to force her into anything because she might then be hesitant to even be your friend. by the things that I am hearing from your point of view is that she is showing some obvious signs and sending strong signals.... she is however, I don't think she is sure herself on what choice she is going to make. just go with the flo. oh, and by the way you telling her how you felt was a big step and it is very dangerous but well done for showing your feelings and expressing. maybe when the time is right ask her how she felt when you told her and by the way she reacts or responds you will know for sure how far she wants to take your relationship. good luck :)
Answered Nov 05, 2011
And don't give up on her! :)
give her time, keep doing the little cute things you are doing for a while. if she likes it she might change her mind about not wanting to. it seems to me her belifs sre what r keeping her from trying which isnt good but maybe her like for you will change her mind, just keep yoour hopes up but not to much
Answered Nov 08, 2011
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Answered Jul 13, 2016

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