How can I capture the video piece of movie maker when I am using "my screen recorder?"

I am trying to make a tutorial on how to use Windows Movie Maker but my screen recorder will not record the video clips in Windows Movie Maker. I know it can be done, because I see that other people have done this? I have tried making changes to my settings but nothing seems to work.
Asked Oct 12, 2011
What you're trying to do is play one video file inside another (the monitor) and record both of them simultaneously. Not all computer video hardware works the same. Some systems isolate video into a separate window from the monitor. Your screen capture software most likely isn't recording the internal window. If it does the same thing when trying to record a YouTube video and the video appears as a black box in the recording, that's most likely the problem. If that's the case, the solution depends on what graphics system your machine has and whether it is capable of being used that way.

This is not the solution you asked for but here's an alternate idea. For a tutorial on how to operate a program, I prefer a series of screen shots put together like a Power Point or Open Office Presentation. That way the user can spend as much time as needed on each step and you can easily add text or even audio to explain the procedure. To make the still images, you should be able to hold down the Ctr and Print Screen keys simultaneously and copy the screen image to the clipboard. Then open a new file in a graphics program, right click on the Window and select paste then edit and save it.
Answered Oct 12, 2011

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