What breed is my kitten?

it has blue eyes and very thick fluffy fur, she has 2 different tones in her fur. like a cream and an orange color.she appears to be very playful(as like all kittens)... HELP!! What is she?
Asked Oct 11, 2011
Probably an orange tabby but tabby isn't a breed, it's a pattern in their coat.
Answered Oct 11, 2011
You can look at a list of breeds with photos to see if your kitty looks like any of them:
Answered Oct 12, 2011
just the colour of her fur won't help. most cat breeds can have varing coat shades; what is the shape of her muzzle? how tall are her ears? how old is she? (most cats are born with blue eyes but they changs colour as they mature) what shape are her eyes? what about her paws?
(you need to be a bit more descriptave)
Answered Mar 04, 2013

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