Why is one thumb smaller than the other?

My thumb on my right hand ( its fingernail) is bigger than the left 1 . I dont mean the nail the actual thumb is bigger than the other. is this bad?
Asked Oct 05, 2011

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That's not unusual. It could be that it's used more than the other or an inherited trait. Look at a pro tennis player's arms. The arm that handles the racquet is always much bigger than the other. Like the rest of our bodies, our hands are all different sizes and shapes. There's nothing "bad" about that.
Answered Oct 05, 2011
hi my thumb on my right hand is nearly twice as big as my left one, jayne x
Answered Mar 14, 2013
My left thumbs last segment is twice the size of my rights. And nope it's actually a genetic mutation that etheir happens randomly or is inherited. It's commonly known as BDD thumb and 10 to 3 percent have it and its even more rare to only have it on one thumb. So be proud your rare like me. And it not from over using. It's genetic so don't be afraid to use it or anything. It's completely functional and there's no down side to it.
Answered Aug 12, 2013

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