How do I make talking to him or being around him less awkward?

I kinda like this guy in my grade but sometimes he talks and sometimes he doesn't and I just want to know the easiest way just to start talking to him to get to know him better if that makes any sense. Can you give me tips?
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Asked Sep 23, 2011
It depends on your personalities. Humor is a great way to relieve the tension between two people that don't know what to say if that fits your personality but trying to be funny when you're a serious person doesn't work. The surest way is to just spend time together and he will probably loosen up. You could try something like, "You're so cute when you talk" or "you have such good ideas, you should talk more." Anything you say to make him feel like you enjoy being around him will give him more confidence to open up to you.

Answered Sep 24, 2011
Like Rob said, being a serious person won't work as well. You can make a conversation, but it won't last very long. I'm talking from experience, but find something that you two are into. Movies, shows, etc. Talk about one, and build up from it. Find his style of life, and find some similarity in all of it. Day by day, you guys should become stronger conversation wise. The two of you should also be comfortable with each other no matter what the situation is. Try and get through it. You might not regret it in the end if you two pull through, but who knows.

And hey guys, i'm back (:
Answered Sep 25, 2011

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