WHY wont she LET ME GO?

I really want to go to a cody simpson concert because he is comin back to australia for a couple of weeks. its so not fair my mum said NO your to young to go to a concert by yourself . :(((((((((((((((((((((((
I said but cant u come with me and she said no it's not going to happen!!! I dont get why yes i'm not her but if she knew what it was like to be a fan of someone then she would understand. So I tryed putting her self in my positon with a guy sebastion concert cause she likes listening to him . No I wouldnt go. >:( Its sooo not fair. I beged and beged her but NO . I'd do anything . I tryed saying that it would be a memorable moment because it would be. NO still. Idk what else to do. I wont give up! she said when ur 18 and u have a job and have money u can. I was like :OOOOOOO stop it I want to go. Why is she doing this???? I just want to have fun at his concert. like any other normal person would. How can I convince her??
Asked Sep 23, 2011
Are you expecting your mom to pay?
Is her money tight now?
Is there someone else that could go with you?
How much different will your life be ten years from now if you miss this concert?
Answered Sep 23, 2011
i want someone else to go with me but idk who :/
Try this: Instead of repeating what you want over and over, try to have a calm and reasonable conversation with her to learn exactly why she doesn't want to go.

As I look back to the time when I was your age, none of the things I would do differently have anything to do with going somewhere to have fun. They are all about what I could have done that would have made my later life easier. I understand that the concert is a big deal for you right now but trust me, if you focus on the things that will make a real difference later, you will be happy you made that choice farther down the road.
Rob Sep 24, 2011

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