In Kentucky if I sign a quitclaim deed am I still responsible to the lender?

In a process of a divorce..if she does not I still on the hook to the lender ?
Asked Sep 19, 2011
You are still liable. In order to have your name removed from the mortgage, the lender would have to agree. Most often they aren't willing to do that. You may want to consult a Kentucky lawyer to learn all of the ramifications before signing.
Answered Sep 19, 2011
My "lawyer" is advising me to sign this..I feel like he's working for them instead of me..I told him that I would still be liable..he said I would not.... I know that I would release all rights to the property, but if the lender still has me on the mortgage, then I still would be there is a second mortgage on property
Call the people holding the loans and ask them. If they say you will be off the hook, I'd try to get it in writing. If you have time, maybe writing them would produce a written response.
Rob Sep 19, 2011

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