Bunker HIll #68332 DVR Security System - reset password

i created a password for the system. Now that I tryo to login it tells me password is invalid. I have looked through the manual and there are no reset instructions. Any ideas??
Asked Sep 18, 2011
the numbers 123456 work as a pass word.
triedti Jul 28, 2012
I've tried before and have never been able to find online support for Bunker Hill. The manual should have the default password used to set it up. Try that. If that doesn't work look for a contact email or telephone in the manual. If there is no contact info, try the place you bought it.
Answered Sep 18, 2011
I don't see a hardware-method to reset to factory either... only under Main Menu > System Function > System Maintenance > LOAD DEFAULT. But you would have had to log in first.

I seem to remember reading that one of the default passwords was all 1s (e.g. 11111 or 111111). You could try those, or try variations on the password you tried to use, in case the cumbersome, on-screen interface caused you to miss a character. Looks like it is a maximum of 6 characters.

Manual states a support number of: 1-800-444-3353 and I know they're currently only available during regular business hours.

Good luck.
Answered Nov 27, 2011
The whole Bunker Hill security line is just garbage! Whoever designed this piece of garbage should be shot. In their whole "users guide" They don't even mention passwords, much less the difference between a user and an administrative password. So when you pick a users password then try to set the time or anything else under the menu, it gives you a message that you don't have the authority to change anything, so you can't set the time or anything else. No wonder they sell the units for so cheap. They're just knowingly ripping off everyone that buys one and their 1-800 help line is just a big joke. First I called the listed number who asked for the item number the gave me another Harbor Freight 800 number to call and after being on hold for 10 minutes they told me to leave my number and they would call me back. Corporations such as this are evil and are whats killing the world!
mti14 Jan 10, 2012
Called the 2nd 800 line and was given a procedure on resettig the password to the default admin password.
Do you remember what the procedure was? I can not get a hold of anyone at either 800 #!!! There tech support sucks!
Download the USERS MANUAL here. http://manuals.harborfreight.com/manuals/68000-68999/68332.pdf Section 7 pg.18 addresses both administrator and user passwords. Since the P/W is 6 characters long try using 6 zeros, then try using 6 ones as the Administrator P/W first.
Answered Feb 08, 2012
Your the man ... thanks ...
Try 519070
Answered Mar 14, 2013
Thank you!!!!! This worked when NOTHING else did!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
After 6 months of trying, you had the answer. Thank you so much for your help.
I'm trying to set one up now and I found the default user password was 123456 by trial and error,
Answered Mar 20, 2013
I have bunker high security # 68332 I want know it. I forgot my password
Answered Mar 22, 2013
Somehow my very well known passwords to my Bunker Hill model 68332 got changed..this thread is getting old. Do any of you know how to force back tot factory defaults. The manual says the default admin password is 111111. But I changed that. So how do I get back to factory default status...one suggestion I have seen is to remoe the battery and short out the batt terminals..has anyone tried this what was the result

I am desperate we use this machine to help watch an elderly person a long distance away.
Answered Aug 16, 2013
I tried and doesn't work . Wish somebody comes with a solution. The tech support are not helpful I called for an entire day and I was passed from one person to another one ... they don't know or they don't want to say
4DL Aug 18, 2013
519070 is the Master Password
Answered Sep 03, 2013
Thank You!!!!! We tried everything & this master password 519070 worked!
519070,,,,,,master password
Answered Sep 21, 2013
you are the one, that number worked, 519070 worked. I had set a different number then a lighting storm made all the power flash for hours. My dvr and smart tvs were messed up Thank Thank Thank
Thanks for the info. I had tried everything but nothing worked, finally after seeing this post I got in. Master password was 519070 for my 68332 Bunker Hill system.
Answered Oct 04, 2013
hey, whats the client port number?
Answered Dec 31, 2013
I forget My Adim password at H.264 DVr Network
Serial Nยบ 000b3f000001
I want reset de password

My Adress email: saxdjassy@hotmail.com
Answered Jan 28, 2014
The time falls back to 01/01/2001 and hdd wont detect at H.264 DVr Network
Serial Nยบ 000b3f000001
I checked the cmos battery its fine. When do other settings everything affects except date and time.

Any solutions or firmware for the above serial

Thank you in advance
Answered Mar 17, 2014
what is the mobile view app as well as desktop application software used for this model dvr.
v2.62.R07 000b3f102607
Answered Feb 02, 2015
I just obtained this info this morning, 11-17-15. Use Admin as the user and 070901 as the password. Worked right away for me. I was able to get through Bunkerhills tech. support.

Answered Nov 17, 2015
Thanks! It worked like a charm for me. My item number on my system is 61229. I used Admin as the user, and 070901 as the password. Thx again.
pcfix Sep 15, 2016
Had issues with username and password this morning. Called Bunker customer support, very friendly and helpful. 11 callers and waited only 5 min and was on the phone with help. System 62463, admin for username and pass is 130901.
Feb 25, 2016. Worked for me.
Anyone have a fix to fuzzy looking cameras? I have 3 with this issue and 1 still looks great. Thanks!!
Answered Feb 25, 2016
I forget My Adim password at H.264 DVr Network
Serial Nยบ:5002016011592307
I want reset my password

My Adress email:muthuresort@gmail.com
please help me..
Answered Nov 24, 2016
Home o reset My password? My Bunker Hill item #62463....
Answered Jan 03, 2017
for my 62463 username "admin" and password "130901" worked for me. Had to try 2 other passwords listed in prior posts.

Beware that the wrong combo gave me an error "Invalid Username" when in fact it was the password (sneaky bastards!).
Answered May 07, 2017

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