How do I get my printer to print

I just got a new computer. I have DSL and a total of 4 computers are connected to the hub. I can't get my printer to print. I have installed the print program from the internet (Dell 1700 printer) and it is showing that it is sending the print job to the printer but nothing prints. Help...please. And I am not a computer guy. I can however, follow simple instructions.
Asked Aug 25, 2011

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im probly wrong but....... did u turn the printer on
if so is it set for print
im probly rong but I try:|
Answered Oct 26, 2011
With no idea of how you have the printer connected I would suspect the IP address is being automatically reset by the router or hub. That's like the address being changed on the letter after you dropped it in the mail box. It's not going to get there. Follow the procedure at the link below to verify this and change the setup from and automatic to a fixed IP address if needed.

You can contact Dell tech support here:

Answered Oct 27, 2011
Edited Oct 27, 2011

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