I can't stop!

I am always on fb tlking to dudes I dont know y bt I always am. When they flirt with me and ask me out I say yes even if I dont like him. I dont know y and sometimes I date more then one but I wnt to stp n I dont know y I do it!
Asked Aug 23, 2011
Have you considered the possibility that you are on Facebook because you have nothing better to do? Dating is an important part of life at your age but there are many other interests out there that can be fun and productive. My advice would be to look at what you're doing now and project that into your future to see if you can figure out where your life is headed. If you don't have any other interests than dating, I'd find some. People that focus on dating their entire life don't do too well.
Answered Aug 23, 2011
wow you have the same problem as I do , just date one guy you realy like him not just any dude .follow your hart what he say to you facebook late you meet new people it's true , some times boy , girl like eatch other and they Arrive until marriage . do like me be yourself make your Your decision with who whould you be and if you don't know the dudes it's okay facebook is to meet other people not people that you know .
Answered Aug 23, 2011

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