Am I going crazy?

i think I was when my bf left me I feel trapped I donno how to put it tho and I just feel like im a soul stuck in a cage who is is sreaming inside let me out I donno it just feels like that I wanter change everyone is telling me move on and all so I did silly things to my self I shaved my eye brows off I do werid things for some reson I feel weird every day I want to do something but I cant. I want so scream out help I want to cry I want to live but my body is the cage and I dont like this I feel trapped lost helpless I donno how to feel can some one plz talk me what do I do cuz I donno how to feel anymore... plus im 14... can someone tell me if Im going crazy or not?
Asked Aug 16, 2011
Edited Aug 16, 2011
Babe, if we are honest, we have ALL felt like we were going crazy at some point in our lives. You have had a loss, and sometimes it takes a while to get back on our feet. Sometimes a loss can make us really depressed, and we can't get out of it by ourselves. That is not the same as "going crazy." Consider going to counseling to see if that will help. Sometimes depressed people need medication to help bring them out of the depression. Again, that is not the same as "going crazy." Please seek help before you stay fearful and miserable too long, and particularly if you have thoughts of suicide. There are brighter days not far away if you take the time and make the effort to do what you need to do it recover. You are not crazy, just sad and confused. I worked for years as a crisis counselor, and people recover, and so will you, and so did I.
Answered Feb 04, 2012
Quote: "if we are honest, we have ALL felt like we were going crazy at some point in our lives." LOL
You're not going crazy. Your emotions are just running wild.

You're feeling trapped because you've lost control of your emotions and you want it back. The way to get it back is to understand that time is always on your side. No matter how frustrating today is, tomorrow the sun will come up, the seasons will progress and life will go on. It is a CHOICE and you always have one. You can look back at the frustrations of yesterday or you can look forward to the new people and adventures life will bring you today. How long this emotional turmoil will last depends on how long it takes you to figure that out.

Once you're ready to start looking forward, you will come out of the cage and no longer feel trapped. Instead of doing weird things you will do things that improve the outlook for your future. Your life is not a still photograph frozen in time, it's like your personal movie where new characters come and go and you control the plot. Let your BF fade to black and look forward to his replacement.

Answered Aug 17, 2011
i agree but dont forget yo friend

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