How do I become a famous singer?

i really want to be a singer when I am older, how do I become one? What should I do? How can I get noticed? What (if any) qualifications do I need? Please give me pleanty of options. Thanx loads. ps. I would prefer not to go via tv talent shows, like britains got talent, of the x factor, but you can suggest them anyway!
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Asked Aug 16, 2011
If you are starting young, I would advise joining a choir at school, a glee club, or a church. That was the starting point for so many singers that became successful later in life. If your community has a group that produces musicals and operas that will work too. Not only will those places give you practice and exposure, they allow you to associate with more experienced singers to possibly find mentors who know the ropes that can help you.
Answered Aug 16, 2011
I would say definitely get as much vocal training as you can get and seek performance opportunities. Also, actually study the vocal techniques of accomplished singers in the genre/s you prefer. Know the history of your genre/s.
Answered Aug 16, 2011
Well, you can put your videos up on YouTube and hope that some record company would spot you. But this thing about reality shows, it really isn't as bad as it seems. Depending on how old you are, a lot of stars are produced from X Factor but you'd probably have to be really good in order to get far.

The standards are less on Britain's Got Talent as there is no age limit, but if you are younger than 16 then BGT is for you. If you watch videos, you'll see that great singers have come from this show. It is a lot easier to win/reach the final than X Factor. They are already doing applications for the next series, which starts in April.

But as Rob says, you should get vocal training or experience if you want to progress.
Answered Aug 17, 2011
iv been in a choir for as long as 1st grade iv been preforming for ever an im now in 8th grade an i9 want help to get noticed how can I get noticed or were can I go to get a record deal ?
Answered Dec 03, 2011
I always found that this helped me get somewhat noticed
Answered Jan 27, 2012

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