Hope he isn't feeding me bull.

My boyfriend told me tht he luves me. n he asked if I wnted to fuqq him I told him tht I dont wnt to because I didnt wnt hm to use me 4 sex n then dumb me. he sed tht he loves me as much as he loves himself. he alwaystalks about me on his facebook status n says tht he loves me;. I dnt know if ibelieve it though. because I have trust issues. dou think he istrust worthy and do u think he honestlyloves me.
Asked Aug 16, 2011
The guy you are looking for is the one who loves you and is considerate enough to wait until the situation is right for all the rest. Save the sex for the guy who is willing to DO what's best for you, not the ones who know how to SAY what you want to hear.

A guy that truly loves you will be just as interested in you with, or without sex.
Answered Aug 16, 2011
If he really loves you he'll be with you no matter your decision on sex. Only have sex when your ready, and if he keeps pushing the issue make it clear that you wanna wait; end of conversation.

Honestly even though "I love you" should be a strong term, its lost its meaning with the low moral now-a-day; meaning, any guy can spew a bunch of garbage about you being "the one" so be careful and dont let all the sweet talk go to your head.
Answered Oct 17, 2011
Well, I suppose that's a judgement call. For me, if a guy continuously spoke about sexual intimacy with me then I would probably think that he's just going through the motions of saying he loves you so he can get in your pants.
Sorry for vulgarity.
Answered Feb 17, 2012

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