Well I am bi nd I tld ma best frien nd now she acts all weird.help plz!

ok well I am bi nd I tld ma best frien nd now shes actin all weird nd stuff.like whn she came to ma house nd I wuz on dis website nd she said "wht are u doin on there.its for the wierd people like the gay,bi nd lez people ,not u" so I ignored her thn right in front of me she said "bi people are stupid nd u shuld neva be friens wit those people" nd stuff.so is she worth still bein ma frien??

Asked Aug 15, 2011
No shes not when I came out to my friends they told me they still love and respect me, her reaction was way wrong and she was wrong to say that im sorry but if shes going to be like that over one thing shes not worth your time.
A true friend will tell you the truth. And being a Bi, lesbian, gay, or whatever is bad. A true friend will tell you frankly not on you back. True friend is the one who will not follow the wrong thing -- even the choice to choose. True friend will tell you that "SHE/HE LOVES YOU THAT'S WHY SHE/HE DID OR SAID THAT THINGS TO YOU WHETHER YOU GET MAD ON HER/HIM."

Open your eyes. Don't be deceived by evil.
Third sexes are not meant for Christ. Its just another way or trick of satan to condemn us -- you! So, let the mind of GOD be with us always. And by reading the BIBLE we'll know the truth and the truth will set us -- you free!

Trust me.
GOD Bless.
Answered Sep 28, 2011
If your so called friend cannot accept you for who you are; no they are not worth your time.
Answered Aug 15, 2011
That fact that she said that it horrible, she isn't a true friend. a real friend would understand and still be there for you a hundred percent. you should talk to her and tell her how this makes you feel. and if she still acts the same after you talk. then its time to let her go
Answered Aug 16, 2011
if she accept that your bi and go on there websites then there is no problem and she will still your friend for ever , but if she redject and said like " hey I will not have bi friends " that's it you forget about her .
Answered Aug 16, 2011
Well I agree with the other answers, but I feel like you have to give her some space til she's okay with it. Just let her get used to it. If she doesn't get used to it then she's not your real friend. So just give her time and space :)
Answered Aug 21, 2011
She's not a true friend. Myself being bi I couldn't think of still being friends with someone who said that.
Answered Apr 10, 2013
She is not worth being your friend at all! A true friend would respect you in any situation ( bi, gay, lesbian, white, black, ext..) I feel like hitting her for you! Don't listen what she has to say! I think she is just jealous because she thought she new everything about u! Just keep your head up and ignore!
Answered Jun 02, 2013
that's a fucked up friend
Answered Apr 10, 2013

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