I need help. My friends says he flirts but I never see it! I wounder if hes just a flirt.

My friend Sheila says that he flirts like crazy. I see that from a different perspective. I see him flirting...with other girls. Sheila says it mostly me. Like once we pretended that we were talking about him. Just loud enough for him him to hear us. He called my name and me and Sheila stoped smiling. He asked us if we were talking about him. We said no. I turn around and Sheila said he was smiling at ME. I didn't beleive her. But then I started getting a big head about it. One time he tried to kick me during break. His shoe flew off and hit me. I ran around the room while he chased me. Sheila said he was smiling before and AFTER. Like once we went on a feild trip he "overhead" me saying I was in number 4 group. Then he went around asking for 4's. Was he teasing me? Like wounce he tried to "stab" me with a pencil. I ran around around the room and sat down on his chair and he punched my back and I fell and he sat down. Did he do tht to be mean or... Well if he did like me im worried he might have changed feelings for me since summer passed. Im not the bravest in my class cause I wouldnt be able to make the first move and ask him out. Im also worried if hes just another flirt. H-E-L-P!!!!! Guys to. Girls as well. Hurry b4 summer ends!!! PLZ!!
Asked Aug 05, 2011
Edited Aug 05, 2011
Well I think that your friend Sheila is right. He is flirting with you. I can tell by the way he kinda picks on you. A lot of guys do it just to get your attention and get you to notice them. And since you are not very brave, as you said. you should get your friend sheila to ask him for you. a lot of relationships start through friends. Give it a try because I know for a fact that he is flirting with you.
Answered Aug 15, 2011
Sheila moved. I can't.
I don't particularly agree with Abrii's answer. I think it would be better for you to ask him out yourself if you do. Confidence is a very attractive thing; who doesn't like being around a happy upbeat person who's sure of themselves? It's just in my opinion a better option.
Answered Nov 23, 2011

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