I need to change the brake rotor on my 1998 subaru impressa. how do I take the old rotor off?

I need to change the brake rotor on my 1998 Subaru Impressa, how do I take the old rotor off?
Asked Aug 03, 2011
I don't own that vehicle but I found a photo of the rotor at the link below. From the photo it appears it is pressed on the bearing and you may need a puller to remove it. A puller is a device that you can attach to the lug bolts and screw a rod in the center against the end of the axle to create an equal pressure to remove it.

Some auto parts stores have pullers they will loan if you buy the parts there. I would call or go to the parts store and ask them. They may have better information than I have.


Answered Aug 03, 2011
Edited Aug 03, 2011
Rob has answers to almost everything. I'm jealous ):
But the puller would work best. Take the arms of the pullers and put the longest arm sides and wrap them into the deep edges along the bottom like the picture Rob has. For me, I use a wrench and a puller to take off the motor bearing on a dryer machine.
You have no reason to be jealous. This isn't a contest, we're on the same team. Many of your answers offer a perspective I've never considered and are therefore just as valuable as mine. You're a bright guy and a great asset to this web site.
Rob Aug 03, 2011
Thank you so much for the brake rotor info. Have a great day....! :)
roberta Aug 03, 2011
I'm just saying though. I wish I could be on here more often some times. I look up to you sometimes even with you being sort-of a total stranger (: . The kind of big brother I would wish for.

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