How do I ask this girl to be my friend?

I'm not asking her to be my girlfriend, but I just wanna be friends and get to know her, but it's the thing with asking girls it's just a little bit harder for me, someone help! Thanks.
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Asked Aug 02, 2011

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If you have no intentions of being in a relationship with this girl then be 100% direct with her... Maybe confront her on facebook or in person and just say "Hey I just wanted to know if you wanted to hangout sometime" If you are worried that she will take it the wrong way then you can even toss in an "as friends" at the end. Don't be nervous though just be yourself and talk to this girl and maybe she wants to hangout with you too.. you never know
Answered Aug 02, 2011
This helped alot!!!!!!
I just think girls are a weensy bit confusing xD
Oh trust me you are right when you say they are confusing haha that is why when I deal with girls I like to be 100% honest and direct with them so I can eliminate confusion at all costs. (=
Diesel Aug 04, 2011
thank you!
okay u will to be her friends and u not good at it it's not a big problem just ... ask her to be friends that's normal konw her a littel bit if she have fb u can ask her with it that's an idiea if she's in u r school tell hi how r u smile at her face if she have a problem be with her like friends do that when she need's u with all that will u be friends as soon .
Answered Aug 02, 2011
Also, can you help me with this?
yes I can :)
bouchra Aug 03, 2011
Thank you, that helped :)
Answered Aug 02, 2011
u r welcome .
bouchra Aug 02, 2011
Please help!
thanks this helped so much!!!!
i answered I hope that I heped u
bouchra Aug 03, 2011

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