Concepts of data analysis?

Can someone please discuss the concepts relating to data analysis. Any help whatsoever would be great, and thank you to anyone that can help; and also a big thanks to all the people here on

Thank you for your great help, I appreciate it.
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Asked Aug 01, 2011
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Data analysis is used to extract information, most often from analog or digital data. For use in a computer, analog data can be sampled at fixed intervals and converted to digital.

Some concepts include simple averages, weighted averages, frequency, peak to peak measurement, linear regression and many more. Analysis starts with a question, looks at the available data and devises a methodology to process the data in a way that will answer the question as accurately as possible. The computer steps through the data and applies that algorithm to each step then computes the result. The output can be a list of numbers, graphs or graphics that explain the findings.

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hi....Conceptual analysis is a valuable tool for planning, managing and making decisions. Managers should understand what conceptual analysis is and how it works. Being informed about conceptual analysis can help managers improve their planning, management and decision-making and it can help them to increase the speed of the process.

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Information examination is a procedure of check, cleaning, change and displaying of information, so as to discover valuable data, impart ends and bolster basic leadership. Information investigation has a few aspects and methodologies that cover diverse procedures with various names while being utilized in an assortment of business, logical and sociologies. In the present business, information investigation assumes a job in basic leadership and causes organizations to work viably. [one]

Information extraction is a particular information investigation technique that centers around demonstrating and disclosure for prescient instead of simply clear purposes, while business examination incorporates information examination that depends vigorously on repetition, and It centers mostly around business data. [2] In factual applications, information investigation can be partitioned into clear measurements, study information examination (EDA) and corroborative information investigation (CDA). The EDA centers around finding new information attributes, while the CDA centers around approving or adulterating existing speculations. Prescient investigation centers around the execution of measurable models of gauge or prescient characterization, while content examination utilizes factual, semantic and basic systems to extricate and group content sources, the sort of unstructured information. All the above information are assortments of information investigation.
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