Please help people I don't understand this boy?

ok here is my LOVE story ;
I am 16 and he is 17 we are in the same school.He was my first boyfriend. He really wanted to have a date with me and after couple of weeks he asked me out and we have been together for 2 and a half months. suddenly he stop texting me and didn't talk to me at school he just kept walking away when he saw me.I asked what was wrong he told me we would call me after school but he didn't so I texted him and said him if he wants to break up it's ok we can be friends but he didn't answer, next day at school I asked him why he kept ignoring me but he didn't say a word ! so I walked away and he delete my name on his status on bbm so I understood that we were over. BUT he didn't say a word, nothing at all ! Besides he wanted to date a girl who is 15 and in the same school but she didn't want him. So after couple weeks a mutual friend asked me if I knew why he broke up with me and I said no, he told me that I was childish and I was bothering him. 3 weeks after our break up he texted me and said that he was sorry for saying goodbye without any explanation and he said we needed a time in our relationship and he asked me about the future with him again and I said ''I don't know it is not so simple and time will show how the things will be '' then he said ''as you wish''. And the next day in the school he tried to talk to me and I didn't want to. After weekend I was going to my friend who was living in my ex's site so I saw him and talked to him like we are friends but he was joking me like we are flirting :S but again in the school we didn't talk... after that schools were out so we didn't see eachother from there.. I am really confused I don't know what to do ? should I get over him or wait ? He didn't text me NOTHING !
and when the school will be opened I don't know what is going to be !
should I date him again if he asks ? PLZ HELP !
Asked Jul 27, 2011
I suggest you press the reset button. Start over without any preformed ideas and with the assumption that he's just another guy at school. The ball is totally in his court. If he shows an interest take it from there. If someone else presents an opportunity, go for it. Most important, understand that what guys say is not what counts, it's what they DO that tells the story. If he's not interested in investing some "do" in the relationship, forget him.
Answered Jul 27, 2011
Edited Jul 28, 2011
Thank you for your advise I think you are right.
To me it seems like this boy is messing with your emotions. I would say forget about him and move on because relationships are a two person job so if one person (you) is putting a lot into talking to this boy, texting him, flirting with him and your getting nothing back then why should you waste your time on someone who isn't meeting you half way? So id say forget this boy and find someone who is willing to put as much into the relationship as you do.
Answered Aug 04, 2011
you're young.. dont be an obsessed girl... who would ever write something that long uggghh. GO OUT & HAVE FUN
Answered Aug 14, 2011

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