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Im 17 and im currently, lets say, recovering from a previous relationship. I know that I need to move on and thats what im trying to do. I am interested in another girl but im really not sure how to get things started. I text her from time to time, a little bit more now because im grounded, but when I text her she answers and we have some pretty good conversations but she never starts the conversation. I don't know if I should continue texting her first and just try to get a better relationship or if I should just back of because im not sure if im being annoying.
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Asked Jul 19, 2011
If you are texting her more than normal because you're on restrictions, isn't that using her?

Some people aren't assertive enough to initiate conversations and I suppose that can apply to texting also. Simply ask her, "Am I texting you too much?"

Answered Jul 20, 2011
Thank you your always very helpful and I didn't mean it like that I'm not using her
I've gone through the same thing, while I was away from eHelp. My 2nd to last relationship wasn't very pretty. During my relationship with her, I started to lose interest but I didn't do anything about it. Shortly after that, I fell for someone else. I left her and got with the other chick a couple days after. Bad idea. I think I am getting off the topic now. Rob is right, you can ask her if you're bothering her; you can ask her if she needs time alone or anything. If you stop talking, it could ruin chances. Don't text her alone however. When you can, hang out with each other. Hope this helps
Answered Jul 22, 2011
Welcome back. :-)
Thank you
Thanks for your input I appreciate it
Any time bro.

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