Does cataract surgery lead to early macular degeneration?

Asked Jul 15, 2011

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Please don't take what I say as any reason for concern but you should get any information about the risks of medical treatment or surgery from the physician or his/her staff that have evaluated your condition.
Answered Jul 15, 2011
Hi. A study conducted ten years ago (2003) found that cataract surgery may be associated with increased incidences of wet ARMD. However studies published in the American Academy of ophthalmology in 2005 and recently in 2009 showed that there were was no evidence to associate a higher chance. Also, now that newer techniques involve leaving behind a small part of the bag containing the lens, the risk is reduced even further. As a study published in 2010 says, Cataract surgeries are required to "improve vision in patients with retinal disease and is necessary in order for the physician to monitor and treat the underlying pathology. Some consideration, however, should be given to the possible impact of the surgery on the progression of underlying retinal disease, and additional perioperative measures might be helpful in optimizing the results."
Answered Jul 12, 2013

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