How to connect Bunker Hill security dvr to laptop

How do I connect my Bunker Hill security DVR to my laptop so I can download video files. The unit works great, but the manual doesn't give clear enough instructions for a goober like me. I don't want to connect through the internet, just directly from the DVR to my laptop (Windows). I emailed tech support and the only reply I got was that with the software and a USB cable I should be able to do it. Not a lot of help. I connected the cable and tried everything I could think of but the laptop didn't "see" the dvr to download anything.
Asked Jul 15, 2011
I was told by a tech at harborfrieght 1.888.866.5797 that a driverless thumb drive connected to the DVR will let you copy files. could not help me with the port forwarding issue, said I will have to call my ISP
markb Oct 03, 2013
When you connect the DVR via the USB port you should hear a "Da-Dunk" sound. If you don't hear that, there is a problem with the USB connection.

There has to be software on your computer for reading the DVR. Most often that comes with the DVR on a CD. Either install the software from the CD or go to the manufacturer's web site and look for Downloads. Make sure you select the correct model DVR and the version of Windows you're using. Download the software and install it.

Answered Jul 15, 2011
Thanks Rob. I didn't hear the sound to let me know the connection was made, which was my first clue. I installed the software that came with the DVR, but it didn't seem to make any difference. Unfortunatly there isn't a lot of manufacturer documentation since it is sold through Harbor Freight. their websit doesn't have much on it, and the manual really doesn't make it clear enough for me. It covers using mobile devices pretty clearly, but not about direct USB connections.
rtatum Jul 15, 2011
1. Try another USB Port
2. Go to Device manager and see if any of the USB ports have a yellow or red mark on the logo. If so, troubleshoot that.
3. If the problem is the USB port, the software may be OK. If you do need to download it, look on the DVR unit for the name of the company that made it and do a google search for their web site to get downloads or support. I don't think Harbor Freight makes DVRs.
Rob Jul 15, 2011
Found the support link below on a Bunker Hill Demo Video:
Rob Oct 07, 2011
Are you sure you want to use the USB connection? (You have have been given a misdirection.) You don't need USB to download files. You can use your network connection. You need a router, (which you already have if you share your Internet connection with multiple devices). Assuming you have connectivity between your PC and your router... connect your DVR to your router using ethernet cable. At your DVR, enter a static IP address that is within your subnet (same first three numbers as your PC's IP address, the forth number must be unique to the DVR and less than 255, and outside the address range your DHCP server could assign). Assuming you have already installed Netviewer on your PC, run Netviewer. To log on to your DVR remote via Netviewer, you will enter the static IP address of the DVR, the media port number (use the default unless you changed it at the DVR), your password and choose LAN. Once you are logged in, go to Replay, select a date on the calendar, a file list will appear, select a file, click Backup, a *.264 file will be saved to your PC hard drive. Use the button "264 to AVI" at the bottom of the screen if you want to convert the file to AVI format. Hope this helps someone!
Answered Oct 07, 2011
Edited Oct 07, 2011
When I first time initiallize bunker hill system, I must have monitor to configure dvr? I have a model of dvr which has no vga output, and I have a monitor with vga input, and that is the problem. It is expensive for me to buy vga to bnc converter.
Here is my question: Can I access to dvr through network (I have a pc which is connected to router (with LAN ports), and I have Internet connection. I connected dvr to one of LAN ports. Does dvr has default IP static private address, and can I at all access to dvr through network, if I previously haven't configured dvr (with monitor)?
Thanks in advance
Answered Jun 30, 2012
sandroseha - a simple fix is to use a BNC to RCA adapter. This part should cost only a couple of dollars (sometimes even less if you buy online). Your TV will be able to convert the signal just fine and you can use that to configure the DVR using the hand-held remote supplied with the DVR. Hope that helps!
It took a week to figure it out so I'm offering instructions here:
Answered Dec 01, 2012
Can you plug the security dvr into your cable box? It has a network plug-in on it & is connected to cable?
Can't get it to communicate with my pc & sure don't know how to set it up with my Iphone.., Any help is appreciated! Thx!
Answered Jul 07, 2013
Where can the DVR software be downloaded? That tiny disc that comes with it is scratched. I've looked over the internet and cant find it. ... Help??

Thank you
Answered Oct 16, 2017
Edited Oct 16, 2017

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