Howdo tell a girl u meet asking qestions on this taht u think u like them

Asked Jul 10, 2011
i'm not sure I understand. who's asking questions, u or her?
just arsking random qestions on this site
zoo123 Jul 10, 2011
I think I wouldn't, if I were u. We come here to either get help with problems that we can't talk about with people we know, or we try to help someone to put some goodness into the world. This isn't the right forum for hooking up, inmy opinoin. What ever you do, go easy, don't be pushy. I lot of people (like me) are completely weirded out by internet dating, since we hear horror stories of girls who disappear and the like.
Answered Jul 10, 2011
Edited Jul 10, 2011
I agree.
Me too.
Like I said in my last answer just get some common ground with her and if you get talking ask her if you think she would like you. You could also jsut tell her you like her and see where it goes from there however that is quite risky.
I hardly doubt it purely because you met over the internet and usually from experience they never work out, sorry but it is true.
Good luck with her though.
Answered Jul 10, 2011
Edited Jul 10, 2011
this is gonna sound werid how old r u?
zoo123 Jul 10, 2011
Yes, it sounds weird. If she wanted to say, she'd have put that... and a picture... in her profile.
Thank you SkyDancer.
Just so you understand, putting up contact information like addresses, telephone numbers, email, Facebook etc. are a violation of the site rules and they are removed. Repeated violations will cause your account to be blocked.

It is also a violation of the rules to attack other members personally.

If you do what BrightStar suggests above, you can become a welcome and valuable member of this group.

Answered Jul 10, 2011
ok people imeet this girl at school and I like her than right but I only have the gutes to talk to her on facebook how can I over come my feres of talking to her face to face
zoo123 Jul 10, 2011
Ah, thanks for the clarification.

Hang out with her, get to know her better, and get comfortable around her. When you're more comfortable with her, then maybe opening up won't be that tough.
Answered Jul 10, 2011
thanx ever one and thanx for the reminder thatputing personalthing on the internet isnt smart rob
zoo123 Jul 11, 2011

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