I dont understand why I love my boyfriend who is far away but I keep having feelings for others

My boyfriend leaves 6hrs journey away from me, and i'm still a teen living with my parents. whenever I meet other intersting cute guys,i start feeling for them and I dont know what to do. He really loves me and i'm trying to. what can I do to maintain the relationship
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Asked Jul 03, 2011
I think what you're feeling is natural. Maybe you're missing affection, or maybe the guys remind you of your guy. Whatever the case, try not to feel guilty. You're just being human. If you're ok with the distance, then respect the commitment you've made to your guy. When feelings for others come up, remind yourself of the sweetness of the good thing you have. If you're not ok with the distance, then you and your guy need to have a talk about what you're feeling.

My fiance and I live about 3,000 miles apart for about 3 years or so... I feel your pain. :-|
Answered Jul 03, 2011
You don't need to see that special person everyday to be in love. But it is normal to have feelings for other guys! Don't feel guilty... It is our nature, you can't control your feelings they just come up and you should talk to your boyfriend.I can imagine how hard to make that relationship work out maybe you both should move on but you'd better listen to your heart...
Answered Jul 29, 2011
be always with u r boyfriend when he need's u and don't think about the other guys it's just coz u miss u bff it's normal ,contact with him always by phone or fb or any thing like it tell him to Spend some time with u not to leave and to forget u.
Answered Jul 31, 2011
you should stay for the most time with him...feel just about him....& first make sure that do you love him...& then see what he feels about u...
Answered Feb 11, 2013

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