Wouldn't God want ALL people to be married?

I know of many Christians who are single...but does God sometimes choose NOT to have some people get married or find someone to love? Because I know that He made us to have children and feel something for someone else...
Asked Jul 02, 2011
you cant "prove"it but you could read the bible paul says God wants some people single some married its all up to Him
Answered Oct 22, 2011
It is a fact that nature equipped our bodies so that only a male and a female can have children.

Don't take what I say as meaning that there's anything wrong with your ideas, they're as valuable as mine but the reason that there are literally thousands of different religions and many agnostic and athiest believers in the world is that nobody has any idea what God wants. The difference between a belief and a fact is that a fact can be proven and a belief cannot.

When there are no conclusive facts one way or the other, my answer is, I simply don't know.

Answered Jul 02, 2011
Edited Jul 02, 2011
No one can prove what God wants. People puzzle about it, and come up with an answer that ultimately makes sense to them, reaffirms their world view, or fits their agenda.
Answered Jul 02, 2011

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