How to know if a guy is trying to get your attention

Asked Jun 26, 2011
ok, im a guy so let me try my advice. (try is a key word here, dunno if this will actually help) if a guy is trying to get your attention, generally they will stick around you like glue. for example, if they stop to talk to you specifically on a regular basis, or if they try and keep a conversation going for no reason, or maybe go outta their way to help you with something multiple times.

I'm actually the shy kind of guy, so when I like a girl, I kinda watch them from afar alot, waiting for a good moment to talk to them or something.

hope that helps!
Answered Jul 01, 2011
well the first thing is that they are always being mean 2 u trying to get ur attention and they also be kind to get ur attention as well if u get wot I mean shaz
Answered Jun 30, 2011
yeh.. O.O I just had a thought
Thx for the advice Paige
wel thats what good friends do they try to help each other out as much as posible
Shaz, it really depends on where you are, see, depending on geographical region, we are part of different culture and also the answer to your Q depends on what age guys you are looking at, so, you must specify first where you are located and age group of men (like 15-20, 21-25, 26-35, 36-45 and 46-above).
Answered Jul 02, 2011
All I can say, is that he'll probably repeat your name or talk really depends if hes a real flirt, depends on what kind of guy he is, so tell me or not-idc :P
Answered Jul 02, 2011

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