He says he's not ready, its freaking me out a bit. what should I do?

me and my boyfriend are in a serious relationship since 7 months. im 16 and hes 17. I really like him and I thought he likes me too. untill today. we were alone in his room and I wanted to take things to the next level, but he refused to have sex yet and pushed me away sort off. he said hes not ready and we'll talk about it later. it was unusual because guys dont say that usually! its the girls who do! I got angry and acted totally weird and it was sort off awkward. I know I shouldnt have done that... I really like this guy and hes great. what should I do?
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Asked Jun 15, 2011
That's essentially a communications problem. The two of you should be able to discuss your feelings so each of you understands and respect the other's position. Sex is something that should only happen when both of you agree and are willing to accept responsibility for what you are doing.

Talk to him and try to get the subject of sex into the open air so you can understand each other.
Answered Jun 15, 2011
Sex is a big step in a relationship. I think that with sex comes all sorts of responsibilities. That is something that I am not sure someone at your age is really ready for. Maybe he is saving himself for marriage. Maybe he wants to get to know you better. Maybe he thinks of you as a friend and is not ready for that level of commitment. Respect his feelings and let him know that. I think he will be very happy you did.
Answered Jun 18, 2011
wat the fuck but....is just hem..but...dont be wit hem..but ask hem why he say that..............
Answered Jul 14, 2011
That is perfectly normal, it is a man's job to not have any kind of sexual intercourse until they are married. Some people do it. But it's smart of him. Don't be ashamed.
Answered Aug 02, 2011
And I also agree with Rob.
Answered Aug 02, 2011
~And John
Personally as a guy, I would suggest that you both wait till your 18. I know it'll be a tad longer but hey, it'll save you guys some stress, and some arguments. Trust me. I've already had sex with one of my past exs. I regret it a lot now. You don't want that kind of regret stuck in your mind. Along with that, it was under aged sex and completely wrong of me to do so. Rob is correct. Talking it out with each other can be a great advantage to the both of you. What if he had a sexual disease that he doesn't want you to catch? What if he doesn't want you pregnant at the age of 16? Hope this helped in some way or the other.
Answered Aug 06, 2011
If its the guy who says no then I highly suggest you listen to him. You are right it is rare for a guy to be the one halting the moment, but this is a good thing cause you know you have a great guy if he is willing to actually make you wait. Just stay close and comfortable around him, and dont get mad at him or freak out lol. cause I can tell you when he does come around it will be a great experience for both of you, you just have to be patient, which is something that you also mostly tell to guys haha.
Answered Oct 24, 2011

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