Does she like me more than a friend?

There's this girl in school who I've just started to talk to about 2 or 3 months ago. She is bi and she's a grade above me. When she's around me she does things like hug me, touches my chest and stomach, and sometime we'll hold hands. A couple of my friends says that she likes me, but I'm not for sure? I am shy around her, and I think she may be shy around me. One of my friends says she acts different around me than she does with other people. We'll text sometimes, but not for very long. I reeeeally like her and I wanna know if she likes me back. If she does should I go for it and ask her out?
Asked Jun 12, 2011

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so I thing she like's you more then a friend . she can't tell you maybe 2 chay or just scared about toue reaction . when a hummen ( boy or a girl) love someone he\she actes really weird you know , intresting in the other 1 , like you seed will to hug , hold hands and toutches ... if you will know what she feels about you look at her eyes when she's with you , her actions and what other ok. and why you just tell her I mean she's bi not sright or like this .... tell her about your feelings, what do you like to do . so you should , don't be shy and ask her out if you will and i'm sure she will 2 . GOOD LUCK :)
Answered Jun 12, 2011
You really helped! Thanks so much (:
U r welcome any time :D
bouchra Jun 14, 2011
To me, it sounds like she may like you. Remember, nothings for certain until the person says it is so. But, in your case, I think the best thing to do would be to ask. It's the easiest and best no nonsense method you can use. Maybe you should court her. Give her some chocolate (yummm!!!) or carry her stuff one day. Just do nice things and admit to her how you feel. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, works better than the truth!
Answered Jun 22, 2011
Thanks :D
Yes. She might. Just... I would keep it steady for now. You don't wanna go right into a relationship head-on. If you think she likes you, find a way how to figure out. Use a friend to do a "test" on how they like they're friends etc. And, don't be shy. If a girl likes you be proud! (But not too proud) :D -Will
Answered Aug 01, 2011
Haha thanks. I asked her out and she said yes :D

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