What's the best kind of lotion for drying, menopausal skin?

58 year old Black woman with drying skin would like to know what type of ingredients can I look for in a holistic lotion that would help moisturize and decrease wrinkles.
Asked May 30, 2011
Instead of taking a shower, use the bathtub and put a couple cap fulls of mineral oil or baby oil in the water (baby oil is mineral oil with perfume added). When you get out, don't squeege the water off with the towel, pat it dry.

If the only facility you have is a shower, while you're still wet and before you get out of the shower, rub petrolium jelly on the wet skin and then do the pat-down with a towel afterwards.
Answered May 30, 2011
You should take bath in warm water. this would provide you relief from the cramps, joint pain and muscle pain. this is also good for soothing your skin. you can add few drops of rose water in the bath tub this will prevent the wrinkles and drying of skin.

applying honey mask once a while will provide you healthy, glowing skin. you should avoid using makeup as well as letting it on and sleeping. use sunscreen when out in sun; this will prevent your skin from drying. It also prevent from the acne and pimples.
Answered Oct 04, 2013
Edited Oct 04, 2013
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Answered Feb 21, 2015
There are many companies are there, which will provide the best kind of lotion for drying, menopausal skin .In my suggestion Foot Ease, Applicator (http://www.footeaseapplicator.com/) is the best which will help you take care of your feet .
Answered Sep 30, 2015

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