Am I pregnant?

so me and a two of my friends belive I can b pregant because they have told alot of people that were pregnant they were pregnant because they heard a noise in the belly when listening to it so they did that to me and belive im pregnant and told me his sister had to go 3 times before they told her sister she was pregnant but I didnt get my period the whole month of april but got it in may regular but they say I can still be pregnant which is true the last time I went in april for a pregnancy test it came out neggative and the nurse said I lost about 6 pounds now all of a sudden im bigger so fast im not sure and very confused am I pregnant?
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Asked May 23, 2011
Just because you have a noise in your stomach does not mean you are pregnant. In fact so many things go on inside your body that noises are not uncommom; to be pregnant you must have had sex and also just because you have gained weight can be down to anything, pre/post-period bloating or eating to much. If you believe you are pregnant go to the doctors and check but please don't believe your friends when it comes to something like this. Every woman has differences during, before and after pregnancy so you can't call thier word reliable.
Answered May 23, 2011
Like Sexy said, maybe you were just hungry? Maaaaaaaany possibilities :D

Answered Aug 01, 2011
Planned Parenthood's "Am I Pregnant?" web page:
Answered Aug 01, 2011

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