Plzz help with math problem someone, I'm really bad at math and would appreciate the help, thks.

The number of kilograms of water in a human body varies directly as the mass of the body. A 93-kg person contains 62 kg of water. How many kilograms of water are in a 75-kg person?
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Asked May 17, 2011
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Hmm so to find out the percentage of water in the body we take the 62 kg of water and divide that by 93 kg:
62/93 = 2/3 or 66.66666% of their mass is water

so to find how much water is the 75 kg person we multiply that by the 2/3.

75*(2/3) = 50

So the 75 kg person has 50 kg of water in them.
Answered May 17, 2011
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Answered May 23, 2011
W = k*M
62 = k*93
k = 62/93 = 2/3
W = 2*75/3 = 50kg

Answered Nov 12, 2013
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