I am in love with a girl but she don't know

so i've been likeing this girl at my school ,i know her about 5 monthes ,i can't hold on my self I really love her but she is not intersted into girls ,she like to be with boys more , she's so cute and sweet I never see a beauty like her but she don't know that i'm in love with her eather she don't know my name , I wonna to now her more what she love or hate to discover her
but she don't tolk with me , I mean if i'm near her that's anough for me
I do not want to insist to go out with her or somrthing like that.plz help me what I should do ?
Asked May 16, 2011
If she's not into girls, there's nothing you can do. Do you know any bi/les girls? Maybe try getting to know girls who like girls. Develop friendships first, then see if there are any romantic sparks. Relax. It'll happen.

One bright spot... it'll be easier in college. There should be lgb groups and things like that to make meeting girls easier.
Answered May 16, 2011
Edited May 16, 2011
i have monthes sertching a gf and I can't finde one :(
she can be bi , even she prefers boys!!! who knows!!! dont tell her about your feeling now, get relationship with her friends, u ll attract her attention
Answered Jun 16, 2011
i agree, u should get to know her and become her friend...keep ur hopes up, but u might also want to not puut all of ur hopes in it, this gurl became mi friend she got to know me n me her, well, idk I was attracted too her n thats how I became too likkke gurls...good luck...
verlynn Jun 20, 2011
Why don't you try making friends with her. Maybe do some research and find what you guys have in common. Get to know her. As soon as you do that, maybe someday you could ask her if she likes girls. You never know until you've asked. if she says yes then do nice things for her and make sure she knows you care. And maybe ask her out for a movie or something, but if she says no, it's best to get over her. It hurts and it sucks when you fall for a straight girl, but just like you can't pick who you're attracted to, neither can she. The best of luck!
Answered Jun 22, 2011
how can I make friendship with here
Answered Jan 08, 2013
I am love with a girl in my school.I love her so much but I don't know she. is loving me or not.But sometimes when she walk through the varantha her eyes are running to see me but Ian not sure she is loving me or not.Please give me a good solution for this very truthful love and pray for me to good love days.
Answered Feb 03, 2013
Edited Feb 03, 2013
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Answered Jul 03, 2013
Get a boyfriend and make her jealous. That's what I did. A long time ago...
Answered Oct 19, 2013
I kinda see where your coming from. I too like this girl. Her and I meet in middle school but then in 8th grade she moved to another school. we were friends but nothing more at that time and it didnt seem any more then that. But now it is the 11th grade she is back but she is dating my friends older brother who graduated last year. we are all still friend and all but I hardly know her curent boyfriend but I do know he is real chill, accepting with everything and one. Her and I hang out alot with a friend or two sometimes but I want to tell her how I fell but I dont want to make things awkward between us led alone everyone else. Any ideas?
Answered Oct 26, 2013
This is really funny,how can you be in love with someone without the person realising that you even like her
Answered Dec 25, 2013
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