Time and time again?

my bf knew I cheated on him once before and he didnt break up with me. I recently had two other bfs other then him and he found out. He texted me this morning and is acting like nothing happened. y is he doing this. do you think he doesnt care? or is he trying to hide his feelings?
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Asked May 05, 2011
Edited May 05, 2011
well that isnt somethin I can answer because I dnt know who he is...but I would be straight foward with him and ask him about his feelings and stuff like that...have a serious convo...trust is super important in a relationship....
Answered May 05, 2011
The question is: Is he cheating on you ,and you didn't even notice?
maybe youboth are engaged in a super cheatin' contest...

Who's ego is going to be hurt so bad... lol
Answered Jun 19, 2011
first off , I dont think you should be cheating ... im just saying . I just had it happen to me , and im not likin people like that . no offense to you . but I think that he likes you so much that he might not want to accept the truth that you're cheating on him . though he may never find out , I think he's giving you the perfect opportunity to stop cheating . forgive and forget , right ?
Answered Jul 13, 2011
Yea I agree with loveya you need to stop cheating but judging by what you said in your question I believe that your boyfriend, well I wouldn't say doesn't care, but he is not going to bring it up because it was in the past. He is definitely giving you a chance to make things right and stop cheating but if your not happy and you feel like you need someone else then atleast end the relationship because it might hurt a lot now but it will save a lot of problems in the future
Answered Aug 02, 2011

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Answered Jul 01, 2016

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